Jeremy Killick, Hugh Keenan & Dr. Ruth Reitmeier pooled their experiences from the performance arts, international business and media to create METHOD>SELLING Training in English.

The Creators of METHOD>SELLING

Jeremy Killick,



Jeremy Killick is an acclaimed performer and theatre maker.


He co-devised METHOD>SELLING with Hugh Keenan and Dr Ruth Reitmeier. Jeremy studied Drama at the University of Exeter and has spent his career at the forefront of European contemporary theatre, collaborating regularly with the award-winning UK theatre group Forced Entertainment and the Flemish choreographer Wim Vandekeybus.


Jeremy is passionate about sharing his performance and story-telling skills with non-theatre professionals and researching how these skills can be applied to a business context.

Hugh Keenan



Hugh J. Keenan is your trainer. He is International Sales and Marketing Director at Snopake Brands.


He has faced all types of selling and buying in situations in an international business career stretching over 25 years. 


Hugh graduated from the University of Exeter, England, and is a post-graduate from the University of Leuven, Belgium in Export Marketing and Sales Management.


He has managed multi cultural sales and marketing teams and is an expert on winning new customers and launching new products on new and existing markets. 

Dr Ruth Reitmeier, 



Dr Ruth Reitmeier is a Communications Manager working

for a public relations company in Vienna, Austria. 


Ruth has been a regular contributor to leading current affairs & business magazines. 


She also has written handbooks for the creative industries published by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.  


Ruth graduated from Vienna University (PhD) while working at the foreign desk of the Austrian newspaper Kurier. She later joined the business daily WirtschaftsBlatt as International and News Editor.




In Cafe Schwarzenberg, on a rainy November evening Hugh looked out at the glowing traffic lights. He  wanted to do something new with his skills. “Wouldn’t it be great to start and Export Sales Training”, Hugh said to Ruth. And Ruth answered: “We can do that, but we need a method.” 


In February 2015, Jeremy came to Vienna to perform at the Museumsquartier. Jeremy and Hugh had been friends since they were students at Exeter University in England. Jeremy would often visit Vienna on tour with acclaimed European contemporary theatre and dance productions.


This time, Jeremy stayed a little longer and they spent a day together with Ruth walking in the Vienna Woods. Jeremy and Hugh enjoyed themselves creating humorous fictional dialogues lampooning politicians, celebrities and villans. Suddenly everybody realized these simulations could be used for training purposes. Jeremy started playing a sales executive and Hugh decided to become a global buyer saying: “Hey, to get my business you need to 30 % below my current supplier”. 

Ruth, who is a communications expert, placed great emphasis during the preparation working and rehearsing in the Vienna woods as inspiration. Being outdoors provided a creative environment and many of the best ideas for our fun props, and innovative themes were created during these walks. 

Original props

It was time to Beta test METHOD>SELLING Export Sales Empowerment. We started with the CEO of Zero Waste Jam and the founder of Zero Waste Austria, both founders with backgrounds in sustainable product marketing.


Participants loved the tempo of METHOD>SELLING and the challenge of storytelling and negotiating in a simulation. How to think quickly and remain focused as the buyer (performed by Hugh) could change his style and approach in a flash. 


The negotiation scenarios, the props and the course book are all original and easy to use ideas created and developed by the three founders of METHOD>SELLING.





Ready or not? 

Hugh J met with up with his mentor just before starting the new business and explained how the METHOD>SELLING project was progressing. She listened carefully and then asked this simple question: “Will you be nervous selling it?” For a moment Hugh J. thought. “Is this serious? Then thinking twice he realised how thoughtful this question really was. He answered: “Yes, of course, I‘m a bit nervous, but that’s okay. I know I’m prepared and I know I’m ready.”