Jeremy Killick, Hugh Keenan & Dr. Ruth Reitmeier pooled their skills from the performing arts, international business and business media to create Method-Selling Training in English.

The Creators of METHOD>SELLING

Jeremy Killick,



Jeremy Killick is an acclaimed performer and theatre maker. Jeremy gives sessions in Brand Storytelling by appointment in London. 


Jeremy studied Drama at the University of Exeter and has spent his career at the forefront of European contemporary theatre, collaborating regularly with the award-winning UK theatre group Forced Entertainment.


Jeremy is passionate about sharing his performance and story-telling skills with non-theatre professionals 

Hugh J Keenan,

Sales Trainer




Hugh J. Keenan is your Trainer for Seven Sessions, Savile Row Negotiation and Brand Storytelling.


Hugh is International Sales &  Marketing Director at Snopake Brands. Throughout his career he has managed sales and marketing teams in Europe, the Americas and China. 


Hugh graduated from the University of Exeter and is a post-graduate from the University of Leuven, Belgium in Export Marketing and Sales Management. He is based in Vienna.




Dr Ruth Reitmeier, 



Dr Ruth Reitmeier is an Austrian  Journalist and Author.


Ruth devised and wrote the Method-Selling simulation and course program. She has written business handbooks for the creative industries published by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and is a contributor to Profil and News Magazines on finance, innovation and business.


Ruth is a PhD Graduate from Vienna University.







Original Ideas



Our participants love the tempo of METHOD>SELLING and the challenges of storytelling and negotiating in a simulation. How to think quickly and remain focused as the buyer (performed by Hugh) could change his style and approach in a flash. 


The negotiation scenarios, the props and the course book are all original and easy to use ideas created and developed by the three founders of METHOD>SELLING.





Ready or not? 

Hugh J met with up with a business friend just before launching METHOD>SELLING to discuss how the project was progressing. She listened carefully and then asked this simple question: “Will you be nervous selling it?” For a moment Hugh thought. “Is this serious? Then thinking twice he realised how thoughtful this question really was. He answered: “Yes, of course, I‘m a bit nervous, but that’s okay. I know I’m prepared and I know I’m ready.”