Seven Sessions 

With Seven Sessions Sales Empowerment you prepare and practice through simulations for successful sales. The sessions are:

What do you do?

How to mak the right first impression. 

At the trade fair

How to pitch your product.

Make that call

How to make international sales calls using clear English. 

You’re on

How to make your presentation relevant for your international customer. 


How to prepare yourself and your team for winning the business. 


Simulation practice negotiating with different buyers using different strategies. 

 Smooth start

 The deal is done. Now it is time to get ready to work with your new customer. 

Savile Row 

Savile Row in Mayfair, London, is known for made-to-measure suits. With METHOD>SELLING Savile Row you choose any area or combination of Seven Sessions Sales Empowerment and work on your selling and negotiating techniques. Practice to think on your feet and be ready to win business.  

This is how it works:


You choose

You define your needs and goals together with Hugh, your trainer. Choose your  training programme picking any area from Seven Sessions Sales Empowerment.



In simulation sessions you have the space to try out different sales techniques and approaches. To give an example: You may feel uncomfortable in conflict situations with a customer. Hugh shows you how to use conflict situations to achieve the best result. He trains you to become aware of pressure tactics, to stand up for yourself, and "think on your feet".




 Individual training by appointment. 

Work with Hugh Keenan. Hugh is a top industry executive who has successfully opened up new markets and managed key accounts as well as international sales and marketing teams.


Find the right METHOD>SELLING programme for you. 

Business Storytelling


Create engaging stories and learn how to capture the attention of your customers.  


  • Create a compelling narrative 
  • Engage you audience using performance techniques
  • Structure your story 


  • Make your data come alive


  • Timing and body language



Training by appointment.


Each training session: 90 mins. Individual training or small groups.