​With METHOD>SELLING 7 Sessions learn how present and negotiate successfully in different  situations using the English language skills you have. Be inspired using our memorable props, METHOD>SELLING is ideal for Exporters, Founders, Executives and High Potentials.

What do you do?

It's time to present you and your company as well as ask questions.

Only a minute

How to present your products under pressure at trade and network events.

Make that call

Efficient use of the telephone to follow up on leads and arrange meetings.

You’re on

You're presenting and answering questions about your business.


Getting ready for your negotiation and keeping your colleagues informed.

Talking to the Wall

Time to negotiate and close a deal. It can be hard work talking to a wall. 

 Looking after the baby

The deal may be done but the business is far from over. 


Savile Row in Mayfair, London, is known for made-to-measure suits. With METHOD>SELLING Savile Row we practice negotiation techniques and strategies using simulations according to your needs.  



Get ready for your negotiation. What is the negotiation about understand the risks and opportunities. 





Put yourself "in the shoes of your counterpart."Be prepared to deal with difficult reactions and surprise. Learn composure.



New Techniques


Practice negotiation techniques in our energetic training. 




​You can choose from 3 programs: METHOD>SELLING 7 Sessions, SAVILE ROW NEGOTIATION or STORY TIME. Training is by appointment, individual basis or in small groups of up 2 or 3 participants. Basic English is required.



  • Voice practice, body posture, language tips
  • Know your audience and their audience
  • Be yourself not a cliche.


  • Make your story and data come alive


  • Best practice - Simplicity and Timing



Training by appointment.